Seen from the Sky

Length: ca. 8’00”
Instrumentation: string trio


Today we live on a planet that is changing fast so drastically that it is becoming more and more challenging to connect with nature. Most of our lives boil down to city life, with a nearby park as the only connection point with nature. Sometimes, however, we still get a chance to see stars in a clear night sky or listen to the twittering of birds while walking in the woods.

The following composition takes its inspiration from all the above; From birdsong, fleeting moments of synchronicity with nature, and the ever-growing dichotomy between nature and humanity.

Birdsong are particularly important in this piece; In all the soloistic passages, most musical ideas come from the songs of a common nightingale (Luscinia megarhynchos) and a Kaua’i ‘o’o (Moho braccatus). Their songs were adapted to blend in with the musical context in which they appear, but they have remained unchanged in structure and gesture.