“Music is a biography in sounds.”

Alexander Liebermann is a “natural” – a deeply gifted musician with powerful intuition and facility.

Steven Stucky, Composer

Alexander Liebermann is a composer who writes very powerful music. Every work of his is beautifully crafted and most effectively written for the forces for which it is intended. Here is truly a composer to watch for a most successful future.

Samuel Adler, Composer

From bird song to quantum physics, composer and teacher Alexander Liebermann’s music explores the universe at levels minute and momentary, and epic and intangible.

Julia Travers, Journalist

I believe the work Liebermann is doing is interesting, original, and a significant cultural contribution to our understanding of both music and the winged creatures with which we share the earth.

Austin Kleon, Author

I have rarely enjoyed a contemporary piece so much. The poetry, the melancholy, but also the power and energy of Échanges perfectly match the character of the viola. Échanges should be an absolute “must” for every violist.

Walter Küssner, Violist

“I enjoyed very much listening to a performance of the Cello Sonata and the Bagatelle of Alexander Liebermann whose writing for my instrument is excellent by bringing out the best of the instrument while composing music which is accessible yet interesting and captivating.”

Alban Gerhardt, Cellist