Portrait Alexander Liebermann

Alexander Liebermann is a German-French composer whose sought-after music is known for its eclectic blend of diverse topics from philosophy, biology, astronomy, and other fields. Among his most recent commissions are a climate-change reflecting monodrama from the Deutsche Oper Berlin, a birdsong-inspired wind quintet from the Brazilian Winds Ensemble, and a soundtrack for the documentary film ‘Frozen Corpses Golden Treasures.’

As a passionate nature enthusiast, Liebermann spends much of his time studying the sounds of wildlife; his original and accurate transcriptions of animal vocalizations are viral on social media, featured in the world-renowned magazine National Geographic, and earned him invitations to international congresses, including the 10th Birdwatching Congress in Colombia. He recently published his first book, Birdsong: A Musical Field Guide, which offers a unique perspective on the musicality of birds and their relationship to human music-making.

Liebermann graduated from Hanns Eisler Music Conservatory, the Juilliard School, and Manhattan School of Music. For his thesis on Erwin Schulhoff, Liebermann was awarded the Saul Braverman Award in Music Theory. Liebermann currently resides in New York and serves as a faculty member for music theory and ear training at Juilliard’s Music Advancement Program.